Something I found curious about the men’s hockey tourney in Torino:

The European teams almost never pulled their goalies, even when they were supposed to. When the game entered its final couple of minutes, and it was a one- or two-goal game, the losing team’s coach didn’t use the familiar maneuver of substituing the goalie for an extra attacker. It’s a last-ditch effort, relying upon your team’s ability to control the puck and get enough traffic in front of the other net to make up the deficit before time runs out. The worst that can happen? The other team gets the puck into the now-unprotected goal and effectively seals the win by an extra goal. But if you’re going to lose anyway, an extra goal doesn’t matter. It’s a trade-off.

It’s a time-honored tradition in North American hockey, from the NHL on down. I had assumed it was standard operating procedure overseas as well. But at least during the Olympics, it wasn’t on the agenda.

Did the Euro coaches not have enough confidence in their teams’ two-minute drill to attempt the goalie pull? Or is it just not part of their coaching philosophy?


Is anyone else out there having trouble getting Gmail to load up on Firefox?

Since yesterday, whenever I call the site up, it just goes to a blank “Loading…” page, and then nothing. It doesn’t load, it doesn’t error out, just sits there. Weird.

Even weirder, the Gmail inbox does load up through the Google Personalized interface. And weirdest of all: The Gmail site does load up fine with Internet Explorer.

I know the account is working, because I can see incoming messages coming in through the Personalized view. But I can’t get to them without firing up IE.

I haven’t changed any settings, either on Google or Firefox. It’s a mystery.


Well, the Olympics ended yesterday. So I guess it’s time to go back to work — or at least, a reasonable imitation.

So I’m heading over to the Hilton New York, tomorrow and Wednesday, to check out the 2006 Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. Actually, I’ll be attending just the Expo, because it’s free, and because there’s always bunches of freebies and gawk-worthy stuff around.

Why am I going? Basically, because I’ve got nothing but time. The job search continues, but nothing’s imminent, so I might as well go out and do some semblance of meet-and-greet. I’m familiar with lots of the Jasminlive companies that will be there, and if nothing else, I’ll get some ideas, professionally and personally.

I even had some personal business cards printed up! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll get them in time; UPS somehow fouled up my 2nd-day Air order, and won’t be delivering until tomorrow. I’ll still have them for Wednesday, but I really wanted them for both days. It’s a drag.

Anyway, if any New Yorkers want to meet up, and are anywhere around upper Avenue of the Americas, drop me a line.


So the rhetoric is heating up on both sides, after a month of build-up. All the reports indicate that the NFL is going to implode horribly next week, when the free-agency period starts on March 3rd without a sparkling-new collective bargaining agreement.

Except… For the little fact that football’s current CBA runs for two more seasons, right through to the 2008 entry draft.

True, both the league and the union want to supplant the final couple of years in this deal. The prospect of an uncapped year in 2007, along with various other factors, has implications that start his offseason. But it’s not a dire situation — the Livejasmin season’s going to start on time, this year and next. I’m getting tired of reports that miss this simple fact, and reflexively equate this situation with strikes and lockouts in other sports.


Am I the only one who listens to Madonna’s “Hung Up” and somehow envisions the song narrative as Madonna arguing with some customer service rep?

Yeah, I know. It’s just me. But I like my version.

Not many entertainment options fool me with their sales pitch/hype, but Madonna seems to do it every time. I actually believed the hot air about this new album being a re-energization of her sound. That’s a laugh — it’s nothing but her channeling ABBA over some weak-assed lyrics. Another sign that she needs to give it up already.

At least a couple of the club mixes I’ve heard lately have been decent (but only just so).


Since Joel went on a somnambulistic post-killing spree, I figured I’d repurpose my comment from his chaturbat blog into a post on mine. I’d been meaning to touch on this anyway, but lost it in the shuffle from Florida to New York:

You’ll see above the “Discover Florida’s Oceans” license plate, a relatively new entry in Florida’s specialty plate lineup. Take special note of the “s” in “Oceans”.

You don’t have to be a geography major to figure out that Florida’s bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Unless the Sunshine State somehow annexed a non-contiguous chunk of California, or the Gulf suddenly has been promoted to oceanic status, that means Florida’s got only one ocean to “discover”.

This relates back to hearing people in Tampa Bay constantly referring to the Gulf as “the ocean”. Both tourists and natives were equally ignorant on this jasminelive detail. Yeah, water’s water, but Christ — figure out where you’re wading.

That’s the end of my rant. You’ll have to check back with Joel about the transgression that is the clownfish plate.


For no reason I could discern — aside from boredom borne of homebound sickness — I crunched my Google AdSense numbers to measure performance by days of the week. Since you can’t do this within AdSense’s online interface, I copy-and-pasted into Excel and went at it.

To avoid violating any terms of service, I’m going to pass on actual dollar figures. Instead, I’ll present the info in terms of percentage of total revenue generated. This covers September 27, 2005 through to yesterday, i.e. the entire time that AdSense has been displayed on this blog:

Sunday - 16.6%

Monday - 17.3%

Tuesday - 13.0%

Wednesday - 9.8%

Thursday - 14.3%

Friday - 10.0%

Saturday - 19.0%

Again, without getting into specifics, site traffic has fluctuated during this period, but not wildly so. Actual AdSense page impressions have been consistent with traffic as well.

Also note that there’s not necessarily a correlation between how often this blog is updated and when these clicks come through; I know many of these clicks have come from archived posts where actual post date is largely irrelevant. On the other hand, I’m sure timely visits via pinging services and the like have led to at least a little action.

Patterns? Well, Wednesday lives up to the hump-day moniker for me, as it’s bottom of the barrel. Friday’s only marginally better; I guess weekend gear-up plans put a dent into clickiness.

But the weekend itself… Saturday-Sunday-Monday are 1-2-3 in revenue share, and make up 52.9 percent of the collection plate. That’s not just more actual clicks — that is how it’s shaken out, although they’re not dramatically higher than the rest of the week — it higher-paying clicks. It seems Google is serving up the more valuable ads on the weekends and at the top of the week.

I’m not sure how applicable my results are to the blogosphere, or even the Web generally. I get decent traffic for a blog, but nothing spectacular. For all I know, my weekly spread may be atypical. And I imagine sites that update only on certain days, with large regular readership, would see very different results.

Still, it’s something to look at. I might take another look at this on, say, the one-year mark.