Today, I’m marveling at how many pretty women I’m encountering on the streets of New York.

I don’t know why this is hitting me today, as opposed to any other day. It’s not like there’s a convention of hot girls visiting town (that I know of); these are the same ones that usually walk up and down the sidewalks, stand around in Starbucks, ride the subways, etc.

Still, I’ve been extra-cognitive of the examples of female beauty all around me. From the demurely attractive thin girl with sandy-brown hair on the train this morning, to the exotic-looking model type with close-cropped black hair and long dangling earrings strutting down 7th Avenue this evening, I’ve seen one knockout after another. And don’t think I’m not appreciative.

Next step: Talking to a couple of them. At least the brunettes with the tans.


The 30-team National Basketball Association divvies up its television revenue 31 ways each month — 30 checks to each franchise, and one to Ozzie and Dan Silna.

Who are the lucky guys? The former owners of the long-defunct Spirits of St. Louis from the long-defunct American Basketball Association. And their cut is the result of what’s turned out to be a sweetheart deal that facilitated the merger of the ABA and NBA thirty years ago.

As close to hitting the jackpot as you can get in the business side of pro sports.